GaAlAs Diodes

GaAlAs Diodes


The TG-120 gallium-aluminum-arsenide (GaAlAs) diode cryogenic temperature sensors are particularly well suited for low to moderate magnetic field applications at low temperatures. The GaAlAs sensing element exhibits high sensitivity (dV/dT) at low temperatures. Voltage-temperature characteristics are monotonic over the sensor’s useful range from 1.4 K to 500 K (see data plots on the product page).

Gallium-aluminum-arsenide diodes are direct band-gap, single junction devices that produce small output variances in the presence of magnetic fields. Consequently, their low magnetic field dependence makes them ideally suited for applications in moderate magnetic fields up to 5 T.

​TG-120-SD Features
  • Monotonic temperature response from 1.4 K to 500 K
  • Excellent sensitivity (dV/dT) at temperatures below 50 K
  • Relatively low magnetic field-induced errors
  • Rugged, reliable Lake Shore SD package designed to withstand repeated thermal cycling and minimize sensor self-heating
  • Variety of packaging options
TG-120-P Features
  • Temperature range: 1.4 K to 325 K
  • Reproducibility at 4.2 K: ±10 mK
TG-120-PL Features
  • Temperature range: 1.4 K to 325 K
  • Small mass for rapid thermal response

Calibrated GaAlAs diodes

Uncalibrated GaAlAs diodes


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