Gaussmeters and teslameters come in various sizes and capabilities and are easy to use. You can use them to measure both AC and DC magnetic fields. All Lake Shore teslameters are supported by industry-leading experts in magnet measurement instrumentation, sensor, and Hall probe technology. More information...

Lake Shore teslameters and gaussmeters

  F71 F41 Model 475 Model 425 Model 410
Description Multi-axis teslameter Single-axis teslameter Single-axis gaussmeter Single-axis gaussmeter Single-axis hand-held gaussmeter
Probe type Most versatile for vector or single-axis measurements Single-axis measurements Single-axis measurements Single-axis measurements Portable single-axis measurements
Field ranges (G) 1 mG to 350 kG 1 mG to 350 kG 1 mG to 350 kG 1 mG to 350 kG 0.3 G to 20 kG
Frequency ranges (Hz) DC to 50 kHz DC to 50 kHz DC to 20 kHz DC to 10 kHz DC to 10 kHz
AC filtering Planned Planned Advanced Basic
Field control Planned Planned
Alarm thresholds Planned Planned
Pulse measurement
Analog out
Screen 5 in touchscreen 5 in touchscreen 2-line LCD 2-line LCD 1-line LCD
Accuracy 0.1% 0.1% 0.1% 0.2% 2%
F71 and F41 teslameters Model 475 Model 410 Model 425

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