F71 and F41 Teslameters

F71 Multi-axis teslameter

F41 Single-axis teslameter

Perfect for measuring magnetic fields in a wide variety of applications, the new Lake Shore Cryotronics F71 and F41 teslameters with FP Series probes offer a new level of precision, convenience, and dependability.


  • TruZero™ technology eliminates the need to re-zero probes
  • Touchscreen interface is instantly familiar to smartphone owners
  • TiltView™ display makes the instruments easy to use whether bench- or rack-mounted
  • Smaller, ultra-thin Hall sensor active areas for improved accuracy
  • Multiple probe types to suit your application
  • 3-year standard warranty

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FP Series Hall probes for use with F71 and F41 teslameters...

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