CPX-HF probe station

The Lake Shore Model CPX-HF probe station enhances the standard probe station capabilities with the addition of a ±1 T horizontal field superconducting magnet. It can do all the CV, IV, microwave, and electro-optical probing that a Model CPX can do, plus in-plane horizontal field superconducting magnetic measurements. To maximize the field of the horizontal magnet, however, the sample size is 25 mm (1 in). Researchers can use it for testing magneto-transport parameters. The sample can be maintained at elevated temperature during cool-down, reducing the potential for condensation, a critical requirement for measuring organic materials. The CPX-HF is one of Lake Shore’s premium probe stations for combining microwave measurements with magnetic field.

The CPX-HF is designed to enable true 90° wafer probing on wafers up to 25 mm (1 in) in diameter. The continuous refrigeration station uses either liquid helium and can be operated with liquid nitrogen; however, the superconducting magnet requires liquid helium to operate. The CPX-HF operates over a temperature range of 4.2 K to 400 K with the option to extend the base temperature to 2 K. More information about the CPX-HF...

This station features:

  • Standard probing plus in-plane horizontal field superconducting magnetic measurements
  • Multiple radiation shields for best low temperature performance
  • Minimize sample condensation during cool-down
  • True 90° probing

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