CRX-EM-HF probe station

The Lake Shore Model CRX-EM-HF probe station is a cryogen-free closed cycle refrigerant probe station with a ±0.6 T horizontal, in-plane electromagnet. All standard CV, IV, microwave, and electro-optical probing, plus in-plane horizontal field electromagnetic measurements can be performed on this versatile probe station. Researchers can use the CRX-EM-HF for testing magneto-transport parameters. It is Lake Shore’s premier cryogen-free probe station for vector-dependent magneto-transport measurements. To maximize magnetic field at the sample, the CRX-EM-HF has its probes configured at 30° angles for probing wafers up to 25 mm (1 in) in diameter.

Using a self-contained closed cycle refrigerator (CCR),the CRX-EM-HF will cool down to cryogenic temperatures unassisted, eliminating the need for monitoring by the researcher. A 360° sample stage rotation option allows measurement of angular-dependent and anisotropic magneto-transport properties. More information about the CRX-EM-HF...

This station features:

  • Cryogen-free operation
  • Unsupervised cool down
  • Standard probing plus in-plane horizontal field electromagnetic measurements
  • Generation of full field without cooldown
  • Probes configured at 30° angles to accommodate electromagnet
  • Optional 360° rotation

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