8400 Series HMS

8400 Series Hall Systems

The Lake Shore 8400 Series can be used with both DC and AC field Hall measurement methodologies to facilitate the broadest range of research applications. The system includes fully integrated instrumentation, a magnet and power supply, plus software that dramatically helps you increase your research productivity and provides results that you can trust.

When used with the AC field measurement option, the system is ideal for use with emerging class of materials that typically have mobilities below 1 cm2/V s—the types of materials with electronic properties that can be difficult or impossible to measure with traditional DC field Hall methods. These include many contemporary semiconductor and electronic materials, such as photovoltaic (solar cell) and thermoelectric materials, new display technologies, and organic electronics.

The standard system is capable of DC field measurements and has a resistance range from 0.5 mΩ to 10 MΩ. Measure Hall voltage, Hall coefficient, Hall mobility, and resistivity. With options added, the system allows you to measure down to 0.5 µΩ and as high as 200 GΩ in DC fields. You can also determine carrier density and carrier mobility versus temperature.

For temperature-dependent applications, the 8400 Series options enable you to measure samples from 15 K to 1273 K with a closed-cycle refrigerator and high-temperature oven, or take dedicated 77 K measurements with an optional single-point LN2 body.

The 8400 Series HMS provides a robust platform that can be configured to meet your specific needs and supports the addition of new features as your material measurement needs evolve. An assortment of options including variable temperature assemblies, high and low resistance, and optical access broaden your measurement opportunities and simplify experimental processes. More information about the 8400 Series...

The 8400 Series features:

  • Ideal for variable temperature measurement and mobilities from 1 to 106 cm2/V s
  • Optional AC field extends mobility measurement range down to 10-3 cm2/V s
  • Maximum DC fields to 1.67 T (8404) and 2.10 T (8407)
  • Optional AC fields to 1.18 T (8404) and 1.31 T (8407)
  • Standard resistance range of 0.5 mΩ to 10 MΩ
  • High resistance option widens range to 200 GΩ
  • Low resistance option significantly reduces resistance noise floor
  • Temperatures from 15 K to 1273 K

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