Precision Current Voltage Source - MeasureReady™ 155

The MeasureReady™ 155 Precision I/V source combines premium performance with unprecedented simplicity for materials scientists and engineers requiring a precise source of current and voltage. More information...

MeasureReady 155 I/V source

With deep experience in low-noise instrumentation for research, Lake Shore has leveraged the latest electronic technologies to reduce in-band and out-of-band noise floors for the MeasureReady 155 source to levels previously only possible using add-on filters. The result is a combination AC/DC current and voltage source that is well suited to the challenges of characterizing sensitive materials and devices, where lower excitation signals are needed and minimum injection of noise into the measurement is required.

While sophisticated on the inside, the 155 is uncommonly straightforward to operate. Leading product designers observe that simple is much harder to accomplish than complex — just putting a touchscreen on a complex product doesn’t make it simpler. Lake Shore’s modern, user-focused design for the MeasureReady 155 presents an uncluttered and intuitive interface that instantly feels familiar and natural to anybody who owns a smartphone.


  Try it risk-free with our 90-day money-back guarantee when ordering your MeasureReady 155 source directly from Lake Shore Cryotronics.

Terms and conditions

  • This limited time offer applies to the Purchaser’s first order for a MeasureReady 155 source.
  • Order must be placed directly through Lake Shore Cryotronics.
  • The 90-day period begins on the date the product ships from Lake Shore’s plant.
  • Prior to any MeasureReady 155 instrument returned, the Purchaser must contact Lake Shore Cryotronics to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA).
  • The Purchaser is responsible for all return shipping and handling charges for any MeasureReady 155 product returned to Lake Shore Cryotronics (550 Tressler Drive, Westerville, OH 43082).
  • The returned MeasureReady 155 instrument must be shipped in its original package and include all contents provided in the original shipment.
  • No re-stocking fee will be assessed and a full refund of the original MeasureReady 155 purchase price (excluding original shipping and handling charges) will be credited to the Purchaser if materials are received by Lake Shore in first-class salable condition. Any additional expense required to return received material to first-class salable condition may be deducted from the credit authorized.
  • All other standard Terms and Conditions apply.

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