Modular Characterization Systems

MeasureReady™ MCS-EMPThe multi-purpose MCS-EMP electromagnet platform provides all of the essential components required for automated, variable field experiments. Each MCS-EMP builds on a 4-inch or 7-inch electromagnet with pole caps, magnet base, and pedestal. Magnets feature ExactGAP™ precision-settable sample gaps. 2-inch pole caps are standard on the 4-inch MCS‑EMP, and convertible 4-inch/2-inch caps are standard on the 7-inch MCS-EMP. Optical access is optional.

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MCS-EMP Electromagnet Platform Features

Key features

  • Variable magnetic fields to over 3 T
  • Low-noise 4-quadrant power supply
  • Integrated teslameter for closed loop field control
  • MeasureLINK™-MCS control software license and script library

Measurement options

  • Fully-integrated measurement modules, e.g., Hall effect
  • Measurement instrumentation
  • Variable temperature
  • Sample holders

Typical applications

  • Electronic/electro-transport measurements
  • Magnetic/magneto-transport measurements
  • Specialized, customer-built measurements

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