Temperature Products

Cryogenic temperature sensors Cryogenic Temperature Sensors
Measure temperatures from <20 mK to over 1,500 K. A wide selection of diodes, RTDs, thermocouples, and mounting packages are available.
Cryogenic Temperature Controllers Cryogenic Temperature Controllers
Monitor & control temperatures from <300 mK to over 1,500 K. Choose from variety of sensor inputs, sensor excitation ranges, display features, and interfaces.
AC Resistance Bridges AC Resistance Bridges
Designed for precise, accurate, low noise, low excitation power AC resistance measurements. Measure resistance materials in cryogenic environments from <20 mK to 1 K.
Cryogenic Temperature Monitors Cryogenic Temperature Monitors
Monitor temperatures from 1.4 K to over 800 K. Choose from one or eight standard inputs. USB, IEEE-488 and RS-232C interfaces, relays, and analog outputs available.
Cryogenic Temperature Modules Cryogenic Temperature Modules
Transmit temperature data over long distances to data acquisition locations in research and industrial settings. External interface is 4 mA to 20 mA.
DC Current Sources DC Current Sources
Programmable DC current source that provides stable currents for a number of applications.
Cryogenic Accessories Cryogenic Accessories
Cryogenic and temperature measurement accessories include cable, wire, solder, heaters, insulating and conductive materials, and more.
Cryogenic Temperature Probes Temperature Probes
Cryogenic temperature sensors encased in stainless steel thermowell fixtures for tight spaces or immersion in liquids. Probes are unaffected by high pressure and sealed to keep electrical components and wiring protected from fluids and other elements.
High Reliability Sensors HR Series Sensors
The HR Series is a line of high reliability cryogenic temperature sensors for mission-critical applications. This family of off-the-shelf sensors have already undergone extreme testing steps to assure you of extra reliability.

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