Cryogenic Cable

Cryogenic Cable

For high-frequency signals, Lake Shore provides various coaxial cables: ultra-miniature coaxial cables and semi-rigid coaxial with a stainless steel center conductor. Cryogenic cable product overview...

Ultra miniature coaxial cable — type C, SC, SS

  • Very flexible
  • Long flex life
  • Available in three configurations:
    • C—solid copper center conductor, drain wire, and aluminized/polyester shield
    • SC—stranded copper conductors
    • SS—stranded 304 stainless steel conductors

Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable — Type SR

  • Easily bent, coiled, stripped, machined, soldered, or connected without impairing performance
  • Solid center conductor provides the optimum geometrical surface for transmission
  • Low standing wave ratio (SWR) with a dielectric controlled to exacting tolerances
  • Low thermal conductivity (≈0.4 W/(m · K) at 4.2 K), (thermal conductivity at low temperatures is dominated by the copper cladding around the center conductor)
  • Matching minimizes reflective power loss
  • Provides shielding isolation for virtually no extraneous signal pickup
  • Tubular outer conductor offers minimum size and maximum conductor integrity; stainless steel jacket can be soldered directly to circuit boards
  • 37 AWG, silver-plated copper-weld steel center conductor

CryoCable™ — Type CRYC

  • Robust: the NbTi wire cores are strong and fatigue resistant, and the cable overbraid of 304 stainless steel adds significant strength and crush resistant
  • Low heat leak due to all metal alloy and Teflon® construction
  • Solderable: the CuNi wire surface is easy to solder with conventional rosin fluxes
  • Cryo-compatible: all Teflon® (PFA) insulation is heat strippable for ease of preparation

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