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Cryogenic cable product overview...

A robust, 4-wire cable for use in cryogenic environments to room temperature. The cable is designed around 32 AWG (203 μm) diameter superconductive wires consisting of a NbTi core (128 μm diameter) and a Cu-10% Ni jacket.

The cable is constructed as follows:

  1. 4 superconductive wires are overcoated with 75 μm (0.003 in) thick Teflon® (PFA) of the following colors: white, yellow, green, and black.
  2. 4 lengths of Teflon®-jacketed wire, one of each color, twisted together with a twist pitch of about 25 mm (1 in). Teflon® (PFA) is extruded over the 4 wires to a total diameter of about 1.2 mm (0.048 in).
  3. Cable is overbraided with 304 stainless steel (5 × 36 AWG). The overbraid is tight and presents complete visual coverage.
  4. Teflon® (PFA) extruded over the entire cable for protection of the metal overbraid. The total finished cable is nearly round with a diameter of about 2.4 ±0.2 mm (0.094 ±0.008 in).

Minimum bend radius: 15 mm (0.6 in)
Critical temperature: 9.8 K
Critical field: 10 T

Field Critical current (per wire)
3 T 35 A
5 T 25 A
7 T 15 A
9 T 6 A

  Temperature (K)
295 77 4.2
Wire resistance (Ω/m) 9.2 8.4 0*
Overbraid resistance (Ω/m) 0.90 0.64 0.62
Thermal conductivity—
entire cable assembly (W/(m·K))
7.6 2.8 0.17

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