Indium foil/solder

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Solder product overview...

Indium Foil/Solder Indium can be used to create solder ‘bumps’ for microelectronic chip attachments and also as gaskets for pressure and vacuum sealing purposes. When used as a washer between a silicon diode or other temperature sensors and refrigerator cold stages, indium foil increases the thermal contact area and prevents the sensor from detaching due to vibration. It also may be used as a sealing gasket for covers, flanges and windows in cryogenic applications. Indium, a semiprecious, nonferrous metal, is softer than lead, and extremely malleable and ductile. It stays soft and workable down to cryogenic temperatures. It is an excellent choice for cryogenic pumps, high vacuum systems and other unique joining and sealing applications. Indium lends itself to this application due to its characteristic ‘stickiness’ or ‘tackiness’ and ability to conform to many irregular surfaces.

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