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Ostalloy 158 Solder This is a low melting point solder, nearly identical to what is commonly called Wood’ s Metal. An alloy of bismuth, tin, lead, and cadmium, it is an eutectic alloy with a sharply defined melting point of 343.16 K (70 °C). Ostalloy® 158 has proven itself in production processes—there is no equal to be found to its special advantages. Mainly used as sealing for demountable vacuum cans and electric feedthroughs in cryogenic testing facilities. Good for soldering any items which cannot be subjected to high temperatures. Ostalloy® 158 solder is used for tool fixturing, holding small parts to be machined, tube shaping and bending, nesting fixturing dies, and internal and external support of thin walled tools and parts. This solder is not recommended for general temperature sensor lead attachment due to its low joint strength.

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