Temperature Sensors

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  Temperature rangeStandard curveBelow 1 KCan be used in radiationPerformance in magnetic field
Silicon 1.4 K to 500 K     Fair above 60 K
GaAlAs 1.4 K to 500 K       Fair
Negative Temperature Coefficent RTDs
Cernox® 0.10 K to 420 K   Excellent above 1 K
Germanium 0.05 K to 100 K   Not recommended
Ruthenium Oxide (Rox™) 0.01 K to 40 K Good below 1 K*
Thermocouples 1.2 K to 1543 K     Fair
Capacitance 1.4 K to 290 K       Excellent
Positive Temperature Coefficient RTDs
Platinum 14 K to 873 K   Fair above 30 K
HR Series 20 K to 420 K     Excellent

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