Cryogenic temperature sensorsCryogenic Temperature Sensors

Measure temperatures from <20 mK to over 1,500 K.

  Cryogenic Temperature ControllersCryogenic Temperature Controllers

Monitor & control temperatures from <300 mK to over 1,500 K.

AC Resistance BridgesAC Resistance Bridges

Designed for precise, accurate, low noise, low excitation power AC resistance measurements.

  Cryogenic Temperature MonitorsCryogenic Temperature Monitors

Monitor temperatures from 1.4 K to over 800 K.

Cryogenic Temperature ModulesCryogenic Temperature Modules

Transmit temperature data over long distances in research and industrial settings.

  DC Current SourcesDC Current Sources

Programmable DC current source that provides stable currents.

Cryogenic AccessoriesCryogenic Accessories

Cryogenic and temperature measurement accessories.

  Cryogenic Temperature ProbesTemperature Probes

Cryogenic temperature sensors encased in stainless steel thermowell fixtures.

High Reliability SensorsHR Series Sensors

High reliability cryogenic temperature sensors for mission-critical applications.


Gaussmeters and teslametersGaussmeters/Teslameters

Measure both DC and AC magnetic fields, and control DC fields.

  Hall ProbesHall Probes

Axial, transverse, multi-axis, gamma, and tangential Hall probes for measuring magnetic flux density.

Hall sensorsHall (Magnetic) Sensors

Small, compact axial and transverse Hall generators for measuring flux density.


Measure total flux in industrial and measurement system settings.

Helmholtz and Serach CoilsHelmholtz and Search Coils

Standard field helmholtz coils, magnet moment measurement helmholtz coils, and search coils.


MeasureReady™ InstrumentsMeasureReady™ Instruments

Instruments for materials characterization that are as easy to use as your smartphone.

  VSM systemsVSM Systems

Measure hysteresis M(H) loops, torque curves, and temperature dependent magnetic properties of a wide range of samples including bulk, powder, thin film, fluid, and magnetic structures.

Cryogenic probe stationsCryogenic Probe Stations

Micro-manipulated probe stations used for non-destructive testing of devices on full and partial wafers. Ideal for measuring magneto-transport, electrical, electro-optical, parametric, high Z, DC, RF, and microwave properties.

  Hall Effect SystemsHall Effect Systems

Measure AC/DC Hall effect and AHE in spintronics, transparent oxides, DMS, and compound semiconductors. Resolve individual carrier mobilities and densities using our QMSA software package.

Electromagnet PlatformsElectromagnet Platforms

Integrated hardware and firmware components form a variable magnetic field for user-designed magnetic measurement applications.


Generate magnet fields to above 3 T. Ideal for integration into customer designed magnet test platforms.

Electromagnet Power SuppliesElectromagnet Power Supplies

Linear bipolar DC magnet power supplies provide true 4-quadrant output, eliminating the need for external switching or operator intervention to reverse current polarity.

  Superconducting Magnet Power SupplySuperconducting Magnet Power Supply

A true 4-quadrant, low noise, stable superconducting magnet power supply. Ideal for small to medium sized superconducting magnets.

Recirculating ChillersRecirculating Chillers

Water chillers for either 50 Hz or 60 Hz operation and in a variety of sizes and cooling capacities.